End of an Era

At the risk of sounding final, The Four has played its last gig (of 2015). We have decided collectively to take a step back from performing and focus more on our songwriting and hopefully an upcoming album in 2016, which as of now is really still in its baby stages.

We have noticed that as a band, we are dissatisfied with the repetoire we have built up in these last few years. We are so proud of Kontainert but the truth is while it has garnered the most praise we have ever received from critics as well as the “public”, the songs that are on there are very far from new. Because of the constant gigging we’ve grown tired of the songs we play and feel that there should be a change in the winds.

We have all been brothers and very good friends since we were young lads and we all share music as a passion and as a catalyst for our friendship.
We would like to welcome a new sound, feeling or je ne sais quoi to what is currently THE FOUR, but we have no clue how long it will take and we have no clue how established our name is in the grand scheme of things.

There is a chance we will fade away, but rest assured, we are not in it for the glory. We are in it to create.

On behalf of myself and the other three, we thank you all.