THE FOUR plays raunchy garage rock songs with catchy guitar hooks and pumped up drumbeats, alongside a starring role for the ice rocker vocals of frontman Max Timmers, inspired by bands like the Sonics, the Black Keys and Babyshambles but fresh and with an authentic Rotterdam-sound.

On the 17th of April 2015 THE FOUR released it’s third EP called ‘Kontainert’, a product embodying their hometown Rotterdam. The EP was partly recorded at Rocktown Studios in Rotterdam by studio legend Ocki Klootwijk, with the exception of ‘Wicked’ which was recorded just inside Max’ bedroom.

In the meantime the band has played multiple stages in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany including: Rotown, BAR, Tinto, ‘t PaardCafé, Westerpop 2014, Capsloc, Rocktown, BAR3, Extase, Bibelot, Energiehuis, Velvet Music Store, De Verlichte Geest, JH ‘t Eiland, Zollkantine, Kalle Co. Werkstatt, Breminale 2014 and Eendrachtfestival 2015.

Performances are an energetic affair, where the primary focus lies on the music. Max also can’t resist the temptation to solo with his teeth, jump on the drumset, dance across the stage and interact with the audience.

Max Timmers
Jimi de Groot
Joost de Vries
Matthijs Kloezeman